Blog 6 Sending out a message for brain stem strokes and aphsia.

So I have clarified all strokes do not present the same. If your loved one presents with vertigo, nausea and vomiting, do not ignore the symptoms. Take them to the doctor especially is you the symptoms expand to other issues like the ability to stand, walk, slurred speech, or headache. There is limited amount of time to treat a stroke so don’t waste time thinking it will pass.

Describe all your symptoms for your doctor. Don’t assume that the nausea ( or any other symptom) is unrelated to the whole picture. They need all the information to help. People often delay going which is life threatening.

Surviving a stroke is just the beginning of the medical journey for many. If the stoke victim is left with deficits seek help there are resources meant to aid recovery. Seek out resources and share everything with your medical care givers. They are there to help, let them.

If you know someone who has had a stroke and is having difficulty communicating, keep talking with them. It is good for their recovery and helps them avoid the isolation and avoid the possible depression that is common with a stroke. Recovery is a processes not an affliction, were the patient is now is not were they will be when they have had time to heal.

I am providing resources for the purposes of building knowledge. Please take the time to read and inform yourself. A stroke can create a victim in a seventeen year old just as it does a 70 year old, so being informed and sharing knowledge about the threat of stroke is important in the survival of possible victims.


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