Post 4 for My 20% Project

I don’t know if anyone has missed me in the blogging world of Word Press but a lot has happen to me since my last post. I had a major life changing event, a stroke. Not what you would expect at my age, 46. I am in great shape given that it was an acute ischemic left cerebellar infarction, brain stem a.k.a central nervous system. My stroke was caused by a genetic trait in the blood vessels in my brain, call it bad wiring that can never be fixed. It doesn’t end there but that is OK I will survive this. What it also did was change my focus for the 20% project.

Call me selfish but I am interested in stroke survival, sharing awareness about the effects of a stroke. I have side effects from my stroke that plague me and the disregard and even discrimination I have experience has been amazing. I now have a documented disability caused by severe brain trauma. I have done as the stroke coordinator and doctors have told me to do explaining directly to people. Some people are courteous but a few have been cruel seeing any simple accommodation as an affront to themselves. They are inconvenienced by something they would politely do in any other situation for a stranger. I have experience people trying to “prove” I am okay by directly attacking my aphasia. I have been ignored when I explain the harm they place me in, treated badly and called crazy after I explaining its impact.

Because I look “OK” and can still walk and talk, not what they expect, people assume all is well and I just need to be pushed to adjust. They either can not or refuse to understand that my brain was damaged and altered by the stroke just like in a car accident or any other event that causes brain trauma. They disregard the doctors diagnoses because they cant see the scars. A piece of my brain is now dead and the rest trying to rewire its self to work in a new way. I need to be allowed to heal as my professionals prescribe. Added to the stress is the threat that this will happen again. It hangs over my head, looming there along with the many extended parts of my diagnosis. Apparently having a stroke wasn’t enough, it has to be more complicated. It multiples the likelihood of a second fatal stroke caused by the first stroke. By the genetic defect that exists in my brain, giving me a fatal location for it to occur again. The added health elements involved cause me to control the only I can. Myself, in the personal care of my health an awareness I’ve received. My plan is to share it for my benefit and the benefit of others. This is my new 20% project.

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