Discovering How I Can Use Technology to Advance Literacy A 20% Project

My question is pretty simple and stems out of seeing my practicum teachers run in circles seeking ways to engage students. I see them using YouTube, TeacherTube, searching other schools online class sites looking for idea. I wanted to compile a list of how to and can do to aid me when I entered the classroom. To create that list I had to ask, what could I do as a teacher to create cheaper curriculum resources in my classroom? I have decided my focus is literacy, one because it is the cornerstone of all other subjects, two it would diversify into other subjects easily.

I spent the past several days roaming the web looking for ideas. I wanted and idea of how easy it is to access these resources and how many are out there and there are a lot. Some are great and some not but they do exist. I could not find a good central location of consistent library of ideas. The state site to teacher sites all has them but none is bridged to each other. It becomes a forest of ideas with no clear catalog of what is where. I intend to continue the journey this semester to create my own catalog of resource and to clarify my search literacy will be my focus.

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